Chivalry 2 – PlayStation 5


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Chivalry 2 – PlayStation 5


  • Cross-play across all platforms: mass-scale battles call for epic battlefields. The inclusion of cross-play across all versions smashes the boundaries between PC and Console gamers, and allows players to face off on the battlefield together
  • Arsenal expands with the new subclass system that provides incredible variety. Four base classes expand to an arsenal of unique weapons with multiple visual variants, and new support items ranging from barricades, supply crates and archer’s stakes
  • Epic medieval environments – sprawling medieval environments ranging from Tournament grounds to epic full-scale castle sieges
  • Massive scale – experience the chaos of epic medieval battlefields as players clash with an intensity meant to capture the large-scale scope of “The Battle of the Bastards” From Game of Thrones
  • Unleash hell – own the field with a variety of heavy siege engines including ballistae, catapults, trebuchet, battering rams, mantlets, spike traps, ladders and more

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